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Little Things

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Hindsight, they say, is 20/20. So now that I wear bifocals and my children are all grown, I decided to look back on my parenting. During one of our famous four hour family dinners, I asked my children about their memories growing up, what they remember most. My daughter Liz blurted out, " My favorite memory is when you surprised me with a tea party on the swing set." What? I thought they would remember the BIG stuff; living in Ireland for a summer, tropical vacations in the Winter, traipsing through Europe as a family. Or, when I forgot to pick up Emily from dance, when I forgot to add money to Michael's lunch account, when I lost my cool, started crying and locked myself in the bathroom (I could go on & on here). 

What they remembered was the little things. Emily watching "The Sound of Music" over & over & over then she and I singing (before she could pronounce her S's) "When the dog bite, when the bee ting." Or Michael's Lego movie we encouraged and filmed--which went on for days!  Wrestling with Lee, popcorn on my bed, grandma's cinnamon rolls; Emily always taking the center roll.

As we approach this holiday season, post political season, it is easy & understandable to be stressed. I want to give you the gift of perspective.

It's the little things. Unplug! 

It's the time you spend with your child uninterrupted. The real, authentic attention they remember. And the funny thing is, it is what you will be most proud of and what you will remember as well. 

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