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You are enough.

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I have always loved nature, especially rocks; heart shaped rocks. I spent nearly 50 years searching for a heart shaped rock and NEVER found one. Until one summer night, when there as a knock on my door. On my front porch stood one of my preschool students, Nash and his mom, Tara. He had heard that my dad passed away a few weeks prior. 

Even when you are all grown up and your own children are mostly all grown up, you ache and grieve as a child when you lose your parents. My mom died a couple years before my dad. She was was an artist who used to point out the beautiful blue colors in the evergreens and dad would sing "You are my Sunshine". On camping trips my dad would wake up early, 5 am or so, and whisper, "Jeannie, you awake?". We would go out to the remnants of the campfire the night before and he would tell me how the Native Americans would find the one coal that was still smoldering and start the morning fire. He would let me search for pine needles, small sticks and leaves in the darkness to light the morning fire myself. It wasn't until years later that I found out he had done this with all my siblings. My parents were my first teachers and the best. I grew up knowing  I was loved, knowing I was enough.

This IS the most important lesson when teaching a young child: children need to know they are enough, they are whole, they are loved. They need not accomplish anything for this to hold true.

When we were in preschool together, Nash told me about his prized possession, his heart shaped rock that he found by himself and kept in his room. It became a "thing" between the two of us; rocks, heart shaped rocks and the meaning behind his special rock. On that night, I opened the door to find this amazing little man, hand outstretched with his heart shaped rock resting in his palm. His mother began to explain that he had heard about my dad, thought I might be sad and he wanted me to have his rock. UGH! My mind was saying "You can't accept such an expensive gift". But my heart was saying, "this is love, this is why we are here". With happy tears in my eyes and a smile, I accepted his beautiful gift. I gave them both a hug, or they hugged me, I'm not quite sure; it was that kind of moment.

I kept the rock in my kitchen for a few years where I could see it, feel it and sometimes carry it around. Here's the magic...I have found at least twenty to thirty heart shaped rocks since then. My preschool students and I look for heart shaped rocks every year and we find several. 

I have been gifted with other heart shaped rocks since then. Mostly from little people who want to share the happy feelings in their own hearts. They give from a place of already feeling whole. They give love because they are loved.

Can you imagine what a wonderful world it would be if we reminded each other that we are enough, we are whole, and we are loved? And, it wouldn't hurt to show up on each other's doorstep every once in a while with a heart shaped rock.

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